How much do our relevant backlinks cost?

Our pricing depends on how high our relevant pages with backlinks to your site are being ranked in Google. Starting with "out of Google TOP 100" position and with a price of just $1 per backlink they are getting more value when they enter into Google TOP 100.
And the higher in Google they are getting - the more value they have – the more they serve to your site promotion!

Position of our page Not in Google TOP 100 Google 30-69 Google 10-29 Google 10-29 Google Top 10
Price of this particular backlink $1 $9 $15 $25 $35

The value of our relevant backlinks is getting higher with the increase of their rankings in Google.
We put a lot of time and efforts in SEO promotion of our pages with your links:
there is no need to describe the difference between 5 backlinks from pages that do not rank in Google and 5 backlinks from pages that have high positions among your competitors.

And the higher we promote our pages in Google – the higher your site ranks!

Example: The total price of your monthly link package is going to be calculated as a total of every backlink price based on its particular position.
For example, you buy 5 relecan backlinks. They cost you $5 per month. After we promote our sites with your backlinks they have postions 134, 99, 71, 33 and 24 in Google for your desired keyword. The price of your package will be $1+$9+$9+$15+$25=$59.

Does this really work? Any guarantee?

Sure we stand for our words!
We guarantee you that even our starter package will bring your results within next 45 days: your site is going to have growth in Google for your keyword.
And if not - we will fully refund your payment!

If your ranking do not move high we offer a full money back

The order will be completed within 3 business days upon confirmed payment.